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How to Connect XBOX One Controller to PC


How to Connect XBOX One Controller to PC

Game is very close to people’s lives now. It used to be a lot of games associated with entertainment for children and teenagers. But now the game is also played by adults. Games can be played on the console, pc, or on the smartphone you have. Console game is one type of game that is played by using a joystick or controller. There are three famous game console products namely XBOX, Play Station, and Nintendo. All three have their own uniqueness and superiority. This time we will talk about XBOX One, the latest product released by Microsoft. Playing XBOX is very fun, it can eliminate fatigue after a day working in the office or studying on campus. You can refresh your mind on the weekend by playing games. Besides playing games can also hone your logic and speed of thinking. But you have to remember, you need to rest your eyes after some time playing the game so that your eyes are not tired of staring at the screen. XBOX One has a one level higher specification compared to XBOX 30, therefore for you game lovers who have not tried it is highly recommended to try this one console game. This product can not only be played on a television screen, but you can also connect to your pc. Then how to connect XBOX One controller to pc? Here below you will get more information about XBOX One and some steps to connect it on your pc.

Previous gamepads have been fantastic in terms of design and others, but this one is more special. Controller 360 has become a standard device for those who love to play games via PC. This can be an alternative if you are not used to playing on a computer using a combination of mouse and keyboard. Stick analog based plastic can be an alternative if you need a stick to play games more comfortably. This will greatly help provide more comfort especially when you play fighting games and any other similar games.

  1. Make Sure Your PC Has Microsoft Windows

Microsoft already provides the option to use this gadget wirelessly, but you can actually still operate it with cable. All it takes is a computer running the Windows operating system and a micro USB cable. This cable is used to Android phone. And that is also required is the internet connection because there are drivers that need to be downloaded and run before you can actually use the stick.

  1. Restart Your Computer

First of all, make sure you have restarted the computer, then directly connect the modem to the internet.

  1. Connect the Controller

Then, you should connect XBOX One controller to your PC.

  1. Install the Driver on Your PC

Install the driver of XBOX to your computer. After the driver is installed on your computer, then just insert the micro-USB on the plug that has been provided. Please check the end of the controller cable, there you will find a hole to striking the cable. The other side is inserted into the USB port plug. If connected, the gamepad should vibrate. If not, you can try again with a different micro-USB.

  1. Choose the Game

Choose the game that you want to play on your PC.

Based on the text above we already know how to connect XBOX One controller to pc. Do not wait any longer, please try it yourself. Experience a more exciting gaming experience with gamepad. If the controller wants to be used again on the Xbox One console, re-sync is required, the way is to press the wireless sync button on the console and controller at the same time. If you do not have a plan to spend this weekend, you can refresh your mind by playing games at home. At the weekend may be the road outside will be crowded and jammed, the place will be visited by many people, shopping mall or the mall will be more crowded, therefore spend the weekend at home is a good idea. Spend your free time to play XBOX One made by Microsoft. A very real image resolution will make your game play even more fun. Let’s play your favorite games!


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