How to Brine a Turkey
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How to Brine a Turkey


 How to Brine a Turkey

Finding some ideas and information related to cook turkey will help you much including getting to know about how to brine a turkey effectively in a right way. That will be really helpful in dealing with the best result in cooking the turkey. Sure, a lot of people do love turkey and they actually can try to find the best way in cooking the turkey properly. If you love anything about yummy turkey, it means you need to know much about how to cook it including how to brine it. That will be something good since we often celebrate and enjoy various feasts with the main course of turkey or even for the appetizer. That is something interesting if we can enjoy the homemade one. Then, it is good to get the ideas and inspirations on how to cook it including getting to brine the turkey.

It may be a bit confusing sometimes if it is going to be your first time in cooking and even brining the turkey. However, you do not need to have much worry since it can be really simple yet easy even for the newbie. Still, you need to know about how to brine the turkey since it can be a bit essential. You need to know first about the way in brining the turkey.

The information below may help you getting much more information related to the steps in brining the turkey in a proper yet effective way. Whether you are going to make the roasted turkey or even any kinds of the turkey dishes, you have to know and get the idea about the brine processes. That is because the brine process is one of the essential ways in cooking the turkey.

The Reasons Why Brining the Turkey is Necessary

If you are newbie, of course you are curious about the reasons why you need to brine the turkey. Of course, it is good to know about the reason so that you will also do your best to brine your turkey. Turkey is a kind of bird which is lean especially for the meat of the breasts. That has the low fat which is actually needed to help the meat for not getting too tough and dry. Sure, it means it needs a bit tricks to prevent such the things. That is why the process of brining is said to be really necessary. That is such a basic way in dealing with it. It will help keeping much better moisture and improve the flavour of your turkey dishes as like your roasted turkey will be. That is because in the brining process, the turkey will absorb much more moisture. It will help the turkey to be much juicier and also moist even after you cook it. That is the clear reason why you need to do this necessary process of the brining before cooking your turkey.

How to Brine the Turkey Properly

How to Brine a Turkey 2You already have got the reason why it is important to brine your turkey before cooking it. Then now, it is the time for you to know about the effective yet right way in brining the turkey.

What you need to prepare:

  • One whole turkey
  • 4000 ml of water
  • A cup of salt
  • Aromatics (you can use any that you like for example cloves, bay leafs, juniper, lemon or orange peels, peppercorn, or any others)


  1. Place the turkey in the large pot, be sure you have a big size pot
  2. Put the aromatics you have prepared into the pot, over the turkey
  3. Heat about 1000 ml of water till it is warm enough to dissolve the salt properly, and if it is already warm enough, you can pour the salt in the warm water. Stir it well till it is properly dissolved and let it a bit cool or at least a bit warm.
  4. Pour the salt solution into the turkey which is in the pot properly and add with the remaining water. Make sure that your turkey has been properly submerged by the water.
  5. Then, if your turkey is floating, you can try weighing the turkey down using something heavy for example a plate.
  6. Cover the pot of turkey properly and put it in your refrigerator and let it sit for about twelve up to twenty four hours.
  7. Take the turkey and rinse it well using the cool water and then pat it dry properly using the paper towel
  8. Let it sit to be properly dried for about 24 hours. It is needed to get the turkey skin which is crispier.

After the processes above are well done, the turkey is ready to be cooked as usual, for example to be roasted. The processes on how to brine a turkey are totally simple, right?

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