How To Bake A Potato In The Oven 2
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How To Bake A Potato In The Oven


 How To Bake A Potato In The Oven

Getting some ideas and information on how to bake a potato in the oven is a good way if you love to cook at home and want to make the tasty baked potatoes. Sure, you can get lots of advantages by cooking the foods yourselves rather than buying the ready to eat one. One of the benefits is of course it is much healthier since you know well about the hygiene and the ingredients of the foods.

You also can cook the foods using the much better and healthier methods, for example with less of oil or margarine. For sure, it will also be the foods which are kids and baby friendly. In addition, you will also effectively save your money much since buying the ready to eat foods will require you spending much more money and of course the amount of the foods are sometimes not that satisfying your belly.

Those are only some reasons why you need to frequently cook your foods yourself rather than buying them at restaurants. You do not need to be worried since you can make the yummy baked potatoes at your kitchen as yummy as the restaurant’s baked potatoes or even much better.

If you have an oven at your kitchen, it can be really possible to make the simple but yummy baked potatoes. Still, if it is going to be your first time in making the baked potatoes by yourselves, you may get confused. What you can simply do is about getting the right recipe and knows much about how to make baked potatoes using oven. The info below may be really helpful and inspiring for you who want to make homemade baked potatoes.

Recipe for Oven Baked Potatoes

Actually baking the potatoes is not something difficult. We are going to share a recipe of the simple oven baked potatoes. Thus, you will also get the ideas of the ways on how to bake a potato in the oven. That would not be really difficult especially if you are amateur in cooking and it will be your first experience in baking the potatoes. Here is the recipe of the basic baked potatoes which you can try at your kitchen.

The ingredients:

  • Some potatoes
  • Canola oil
  • Salt, pepper, and chopped parsleys
  • Your favorite toppings, as like cheese, butter, smoked beef, scallion, or even sour creams

How to make:

How To Bake A Potato In The Oven 2

  1. Preheat your oven to about 180°C
  2. Wash the potatoes properly and make sure that it is already free from the soil
  3. Dry the potatoes properly
  4. Apply the canola oil to the potatoes thoroughly
  5. Stab all over the potatoes surfaces using the fork properly
  6. Sprinkle the seasoning, which are the salt, pepper, and also chopped parsley
  7. Bake it into the oven for about 10 minutes
  8. Take the potatoes out of the oven, and add the toppings if necessary

Those are the simple recipe of the basic oven baked potatoes. Still, if you do not want to add toppings, it will still be that yummy to be served. You can also cut the potatoes into the wedges cuts for getting the simplicity in enjoying them.

Some Ideas in Serving the Baked Potatoes

Actually to serve the baked potatoes, you can do some ways. Sure, you can choose it based on what you love the most. You can simply add some favorite toppings as one of the ideas in serving the baked potatoes. If you like to enjoy the baked potatoes as the complementary of the steak, grilled fishes, roasted chicken or others, you can simply make the basic potatoes with no toppings. You can also enjoy the baked potatoes with the dipping sauce. If you love to enjoy the baked potatoes with the dipping sauce, you can simply cut your potatoes into the wedges cut before baking them so that they will be much easier to be enjoyed. You can also choose any kinds of your favorite dipping sauce as like the spicy mayonnaise sauce, lemon mayonnaise sauce, and so on. Of course, it depends on what you love the most. Some people even only love to enjoy the basic baked potatoes wedges with some sprinkle of the shredded cheddar cheese over the potatoes. They are some ideas which you need to know of how to bake a potato in the oven.

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